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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy to Treat Menopausa

Are you tired of not able to sleep? Do you feel fatigue and has unexplainable weight gain, yet you exercise and follow a strict diet? Do you spend thousands of dollars on skin and hair care and yet nothing changed? Do you have unexplained mood swings, night sweats or hot flashes?

Then you are experiencing menopausa. While it is physiological, as you might have observed it, others going through the same phase much easier, because their hormone levels do not drop drastically, rather fades off over period of time.

As part of our wellness care, we will evaluate your hormonal status and will determine, which hormone replacement may be beneficial for you. During your consultation, your provider will discuss the different methods of hormone replacement and you will learn about the benefit of long acting, slow release forms, that can be placed in the body to act very similar to our own biological system.
Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy requires close follow up and regular monitoring by your physician.

We use FDA proved, USP compliant, PCAB accredited compounding pharmacies and they may work with your insurance provider if you wish to. We also offer whole sale pricing as part of our membership program along with unlimited laboratory review and discount to our supplements.

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